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Would you like to take a test drive of Sales Booster without having to make changes to your own website? We have created a dummy website that you can connect to using the Sales Booster Client.

You will be able to watch yourself (and other users) arrive at the test site and move from page to page. You will be able to send invite requests to yourself (and others) and others and start a chat session with yourself. You will also be able to view the Web Charts reports.

All of this will give you an overview of what Sales Booster can do, without you having to trial it on your own website.

Sound fun? Follow the instructions below to get started:

1. Download The Sales Booster Client

You will need a Windows XP, 2000, 2003 or Vista PC with an Internet connection. Once downloaded run the setup file to start the installation.

2. Connect Your Sales Booster Client To The Sales Booster Server

When the setup completes the Sales Booster Client Setup Wizard will start. You need to complete the form below to instantly receive your connection details via email:

Please Fill This Information:
Your Name:
Email Address:
Privacy Policy: We will not share your email address with anyone.. ever

Enter your connection details into the connection wizard. The Sales Booster Client will then connect to the Sales Booster Server.

The Monitored Sites list shows the sites being monitored by this Sales Booster Server. In the Current Visitors list it shows the currently active visitors.

3. Visit The Test Site

Now go to http://testdrive.Sales

You will instantly see yourself appear in the Current Visitors list. If there are multiple visitors on the site you should be able to identify yourself from the DNS Name or Location. On the View menu, select Auto Preview to enable the auto-preview mode in the current visitors list. This will show the visitor's location and organisation name.

Once you have completed the test drive, uninstall the Sales Booster Client by selecting Add/Remove Programs from your Control Panel. You can then try Sales Booster on your own web site by requesting a regular Free Trial.

The ability to edit the Site Properties in the Sales Booster Client is disabled for the test drive. A regular free trial does not have any limitations.

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